If we made your trash chute any cleaner, you’d have to call it a vertical waste relocation device.

Orange Muscle tackles the tough dirt and germs in your rollaway trash
and recycling bins, dumpsters, trash chutes and docks, leaving them
clean, sanitized and deodorized.

704-450-3515 or

Apartment Complex

Property Managers

Make a major difference in the ‘curb appeal’ of your neighborhood’s homes or apartment buildings, while reducing odors and health risks from bacteria, pests and mosquitoes.

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Trash Truck

Waste Services Companies

What could be a better service to offer your customers then leaving their bins, chutes and dumpsters sanitized, sparkling clean and sweet smelling after you’ve been there.

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Residential Home

Residential Homeowners

To make sure it’s always safe to go into your garage, Orange Muscle has the right service plan for keeping your rolling trash and recycling bins clean, sanitized and deodorized.

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See How It Works

Our eco-friendly process leaves your bins clean and disinfected—ridding you and your family of the germs, bacteria, and fungus that can lead to ‘undesirables’ like ants and rodents in your bins!

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Homeowner’s Associations

Our customized truck comes on regular trash collection days, so your residents don’t have to do a thing. Simply leave trash and recycling bins outside, and we’ll have them clean, sweet smelling and sparkling by the end of the day.

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Restaurants and Retail

Whatever your business, let Orange Muscle restore the sweet smell of success to your dumpsters, trash chutes and bins. We’ll even power wash your loading dock and all around where you store your trash.

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What We Do

Orange Muscle comes right to your driveway or business dock, where our technicians make your bins sparkle like new.

  • Hot water
  • Extreme high-pressure wash inside AND outside
  • Disinfected with our biodegradable antibacterial detergent
  • Fresh and clean orange-scented deodorizer
  • Your bins look and smell brand new!

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Interested in a Franchise?

The team at Orange Muscle is considering franchising our fabulous concept, so if you have interest, please contact us at info@orangemuscle.com.


Please contact us today for more info and pricing plans.


Orange Muscle

Our trucks use a self-contained hot water cleaning system, so there’s no mess and no dirty water on your street or driveway.

  • We leave your trash and recycling bins clean, disinfected and smelling like oranges.
  • We help rid you and your family of the germs, bacteria, and fungus that can lead to ‘undesirables’ like ants and rodents in your bins!
  • Orange Muscle helps you take care of your family’s health, and makes your garage a little less scary.
  • It’s easy to sign up, and at these prices, why wouldn’t you?